This Journal is published by the Centre of Applied Sciences and Technological Development
of the National Autonomous University of Mexico

Vol. 16
No. 3
Comparative study on natural and reactive dye for cotton coloration
Md. Reazuddin Repon, M. Tauhidul Islam, Md. Abdullah Al Mamun, Muhammad Abdur Rashid


A portable instrument with disposable cells for in-situ measurements of viscosity in liquids
Marco Grossi, Bruno Riccò

Wetting behavior and interfacial characteristic of eutectic In-Ag solders on Au thin films
Muhammad Mansoor, Ahnaf Usman Zilohu, Muhammad Mujahid, Shaheed Khan
Manufacture of lightweight clay bricks with improved thermal insulation properties via the incorporation of spent shea waste
A.N. Adazabra, G. Viruthagiri, N. Shanmugam
Characterization of New Cellulose Fiber from the Molina (Lagenaria Siceraria) Plant
N. Saravanan, P.S. Sampath
Surface Area and Porosity Development on Granular Activated Carbon by Zirconium: Adsorption Isotherm Studies
V. Sivanandan Achari, A. S. Rajalakshmi, S. Jayasree, Raichel Mary Lopez
Design and implementation of an alternative measurement system for MOSFET-Like sensors characterization
Luighi Viton-Zorrilla*, Jinmi Lezama, Rubén Acosta, Milton Ríos-Julcapoma